PBM Consulting

We provide end-to-end PBM consulting services for health plans and PBM’s be it on the Information Technology side or the operational processes. We have extensive experience in Medicare Part D audit process for CDAG, Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Plan Readiness Reviews and Financial Audits. Our Robust AuditMyRx tool will analyze your claims for Transition Monitoring, CDAG, PDE validation, Pricing, Copay and Coordination of Benefits. 


Everyone out there promises to cut prescription drug cost. But the real cost savings is in your plan design, formulary management, MAC list and pharmacy network. The next big money saver is Robust Care Management, which not only helps the members but the health plan and the payers as well. Our integrated mobile apps will perform the therapy management especially for the chronic disease members.



Cutting Rx Cost


If you are a TPA or a PBM looking for a seamless web/mobile enabled Pharmacy Management System integrated with Benefit Design, Enrollment, Formulary Management, Network Management, Drug Clinical & Price Info, Coverage Determinations, Grievances and Appeals. We are the first ones to provide Robust PBM service as a platform on the Cloud! You can be your own PBM within a day! 



We can vet your PBM contracts and provide you with best drug coverage and cost savings for you and your members. You don’t have to rely on big PBM’s anymore, we let you drive your plan benefit and coverage decisions on the web or on your mobile devices! 



Health Plans


Employers don't have to be in the dark anymore on how much the PBM is paying the pharmacy and charging your health plan for the same drug. We provide the most transparent pricing model that is ever available in the market.



We can not only help you find the lowest cost drug, but we can help you refill it every month! You can also check if a generic drug is available for your prescription drug. We provide individualized natural health remedy suggestions! Preventing is better than curing!




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